Cloud security solutions for MSPS and their clients

Manage you SMB customers’ security from one
end-to-end platform

​- Managed SIEM
– Enterprise Password Vault
– Vulnerability Management
– Managed Firewall


Doing great business requires having the right business partners.

When you partner with us we will provide you with the process, tools and

knowledge to quickly and efficiently improve your customers

cybersecurity standpoint.

We support our partners in a number of ways, including:


Arming partners
with sales material


Offering training solutions for
our offering


Skilled support available
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Our Services

We know providing the training and infrastructure to offer top-level security systems in-house can be time-consuming and expensive. Our advanced security platform provides an easy-to-use, affordable solution with all aspects managed for you.

Managed Security Platform

Ryze Technologies Managed Security Operations Platform consists of a highly scalable, two-tier architecture system to manage and monitor both cloud and on-premise security.




Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems is an important foundation for every security program.

Deploying an SIEM solution is complex and requires a team who is extremely experienced in the discipline.

Vulnerability Management Server

We have integrated leading vulnerability management system, DefectDojo into our offering.

Managed Firewall

Ryze Technologies manages a fleet of pfSense firewalls on AWS, Azure and GCP; managing deployment, upgrade and monitoring.


Password vault

A secure password management solution providing your customers the reassurance that all of their passwords are extremely complex, unique safely stored in easily accessible location, available from anywhere. Users only need to know one strong password.

About Ryze Technologies

Ryze Technologies provides small and medium businesses with security solutions delivered by Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and Manmaged Services Providers (MSP). At Ryze, we understand how complex and expensive it is to manage cybersecurity operations.


We’ are offering a growing portfolio of solutions such as Managed SIEM, Enterprise Password Vault, Vulnerability Management Server and, Managed Firewall. and Hosted Gitlab.


Our goal is to not only simplify cybersecurity offering for our customers but also increase their security posture and make sure they are complaint, competitive and worry free.. by providing a fully comprehensive solution with the same level of security they’d expect from other products.


Ryze Technologies prides itself on completing the highest level of work and therefore hires only the top experts in the industry.

Our team

Hemed Gur-Ary started his career as a security manager in the financial industry in Israel where he gained extensive application and cloud security experience. Specialising in security architecture, engineering and operations management, his ongoing passion for hacking new technologies ensures he ’is always on top of the rapidly changing needs of the online security world.
Hemi Gur-Ary
VP Product
Working in IT for the entirety of his career, Benak holds the belief that technology is here to serve us, not the other way around. Too many people underestimate the threats and privacy challenges in the current digital landscape and don’t have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage the space. As a self-proclaimed evangelist of the digital security world, he was inspired to launch Ryze Technologies to help guide businesses in incorporating secure technology systems to streamline workflow, maximise productivity and generally create more ease around the cybersecurity of their organisations.
Juraj Benak
Taking on the role of General Manager, Manheim’s commitment is to ensure that all business relationships developed with Ryze Technologies are navigated with the utmost level of customer service and provide mutually beneficial outcomes. Manheim places himself at the centre of ensuring Ryze is not only providing the best in the business, but continually innovating to ensure we’re not only growing with our customers, but continuing to develop these key relationships.
Lior Manheim


Phone: 1300 403 193